ANKHOR FlowSheet Installation Guide

The installation of the program can be managed in a few simple steps.

Doubleclick the installer icon to get the process started.

Windows - Security check

Directly after starting the installer, Windows could display this dialog:

The installer as well as all executable files were signed with a certificate.

To get more information about the certificate, use the button "Show details".

Select Language

Please select the desired language. The installer will proceed in English or German.

Program and Version Info

The button "Next" initiates the installation process.

License Agreement

The button "Next" will be enabled only if you have agreed to the terms and conditions. Otherwise you have to cancel the installation.

Program Location

The installation folder can be modifed here.

Extended Installation Options

Please adjust final modifications before the installation starts. The ANKHOR PlugInManager is an important component and should be started automatically.

Update – Installation

The installer will notify you if there is an existing installation of ANKHOR FlowSheet.

It is recommended to delete the registry entries.

You may have to re-activate the program !

The application saves window sizes and positions as well as layout settings in the registry.

Installation Process

The installer copies the files to your PC. It may also install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributables". These are required by ANKHOR FlowSheet.

Installation Done

You can start working with ANKHOR FlowSheet.

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