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About ANKHOR FlowSheet

ANKHOR is a revolutionary platform for in-memory processing of data from diverse sources and in variable data formats.

The heart of this platform is the FlowSheet data workbench for modeling applications, reports and data services, and the ad-hoc analysis of the data. Hundreds of operators turn FlowSheet into a universal and cross industries tool.

In addition the modular ANKHOR server helps realizing complex data projects, and also scaling them and working in a team.

FlowSheet Data Workbench

ANKHOR understands your data

  • From a simple up to a complex format, from structured up to unstructured, compressed, distributed or exotic, ANKHOR FlowSheet fetches your data from its origins.

  • Creating a table and entering data or edit it, that’s a cinch. We thought of that as well.

  • Your memory is not the limit. Thanks to Stream Processing ANKHOR FlowSheet takes your Big Data to your laptop.

Key Benefits

Real time data processing and modeling

A work flow completely without Run or Compile.

FlowSheet utilizes its in-memory technology not only for fast processing of huge amounts of data, but also in parallel for modeling the data flow. Results are available instantly, speeding development and enabling data inspection in each step of processing. This way FlowSheet offers high transparency and reduced probability of errors.

Visual data processing - no script programming

Select an operator, insert and connect ...

graphic modeling of data processing is that easy with FlowSheet. A continuous data flow paradigm combines modeling with the feature of programming, should this be necessary for a special type of data processing or for extensions. Learning a script language is not needed. Instead you are supported by one of the most advanced modeling tools for data flow graphs.

See how it works

Interactive tools in a tool

Make the data workbench a tool factory.

The unique feature of FlowSheet is the simple application of interactive tools in the data flow graph, reaching from tools for visual data exploration and the ad-hoc analysis up to interactive wizards for data selection or filtering. And there is more: You can integrate these tools into interactive Dashboards or extend and customize them.

Key Features at a glance

Data preprocessing

With selected functionality ANKHOR helps reducing data preprocessing time and maintaining flexibility at the same time. Chains of different tools can be avoided.


FlowSheet picks up the established principle of spreadsheet calculation with interactively entering data and cell formulas and takes it an important step further.

OLAP Data Cubes

Create an OLAP data cube directly from tabels for drilling or slice-and-dice analysis. A database or data warehouse is not needed.

Advanced Analytics

ANKHOR supports data analysis with common methods of statistics and prediction, but also with quite case specific methods of analysis in a single tool.

Charts and Visualization

Impressively present your data with the built-in diagrams and visualizations. Even extraordinary visualizations can be modeled.

Interactive Dashboards

FlowSheet can quickly and easily create complex interactive Dashboards. These are especially powerful with the integrated functions of OLAP data cubes.

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