ANKHOR FlowSheet 64 Bit (BETA)

ANKHOR FlowSheet 64 Bit (BETA)
  • Last update: 23 December 2022
  • Version:
  • File size: 169.35 MB
  • MD5-Hash: f3a50b95918b2605a4d0f362b82edc05

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x64 or Windows Vista x64
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 oder AMD 64 (SSE2 Unterstützung erforderlich)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8

This is the installer of the complete ANKHOR FlowSheet (BETA) application for the 64 bit variants of Windows. It sets up the application, the Plug-In Manager service and all standard macro libraries. After downloading the setup package, start it by double-clicking on its icon and then follow the instructions on the screen.

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version Release Notes

Licensing Terms and Conditions

All ANKHOR FlowSheet products are subject to our EULA that you can find below. Please note that by clicking on the "Buy license" button, you agree to these licensing terms and conditions.

EULA (End User Licensing Agreement)

Please click on the link above to open the End User Licensing Agreement
ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2015-04-28:

 - Muxcols operator documentation
 - Castwizard operator and documentation
 - Drag & Drop operators from ribbon bar
 - Set a title for flowsheet file load/save dialog
 - Extended edit mode for text input fields using external editor
 - Collected third party licences to a single place
 - Table translation support to localize operator
 - Transpose checkbox to bar and pie wizard
 - Heatmap chart wizard to dashboard charts
 - cryptrsa operator
 - Generic meta chart wizard to dashboard charts
 - Attribute "options" entry for text input element
 - Live input mode for vector graphics input
 - Support for direct operator insertion for +-*/ and 0-9 using keys
 - forkdotcols operator for separating hierarchical column groups
 - "#" operator for forktags in compiled operators
 - Allow tag lists in HTTP request headers
 - Implement "multi" and "save" as optional sttributes for file input elements
 - ODS export for Excel 2013 or open office
 - Build bit sequence from image generated png
 - Ratio and frequency accumulation to data cubes
 - New operator in StringSupport. Count the appearances of string sequences in a given text ( or table ).
 - Added new button to the BreadCrumbControl in the upper right corner  'GoUp'.
 - Inputs for minY and maxY to dashboard chart wizard
 - Support for formatting tables from auto value watch
 - Macros for string to bits and bits to string conversion
 - Locate value source in operator graph from value watch
 - Added two new operators into library StringSupport. StrCEscape StrCUnescape
 - Multi char line terminator on CSV import
 - Dialog for Out of Memory when copying large tables into clipboard
 - HTTPSupport library. New operators URLEncode, URLDecode
 - New context menu item for value panes. 'Collapse Tags'
 - Flickering of dashboard busy animation
 - Create table from ribbon with high DPI
 - AnkhorPlayer wasn't able to re-select a missing base flowsheet
 - Timer input element hidden in a hotkey input element
 - PDF rendering with fonts used only for empty strings
 - Dashboard chart error output on empty wizard input
 - maprows for compositions
 - Crash on low memory when consolidating in wizards
 - Crash when deriving from fldx instead of flsx
 - Potential crash with live vector input element
 - Import of tar.gz with spaces in file size
 - Race condition in compiler operator
 - Single column value lables in bar charts
 - Multi output operators in compiled code
 - Focus remains in cell when propagating scalar to table
 - Crash when extending a single value to a list
 - Importing a library without having an opened FlowSheet caused an undefined state
 - ODS export for number and dates with formats
 - Collaboration token generator could generate invalid tokens
 - Unactivated application was able to initiate a collaboration session
 - Crash with error input values in maprows
 - Parse numbers with  
 - Read zip archive with Umlaut in filename
 - Polynomial interpolation for multi column tables
 - time parsing with comma for milliseconds
 - Wizards in delivered operators could be modified
 - Raytracer precision error
 - Hidden connectors in shared flowsheets
 - Expanding zip archives with extension headers from HTTP sources failed
 - Header generation in csv paste
 - SQL dump import with german locale
 - A beta package could hide a previous release package in the manager
 - Added missing dummy inputs for neural nets
 - segcol operator for tables with numeric heads
 - Fixed a possible crash when switching from one higher edition to a lower one
 - certificate chain construction had bug with certs without an authority key identifier.
 - Improved recent file list for open/derive
 - Change value tooltips in dashboard to only appear for truncated text
 - Added icon for extended edit Date
 - Minimize flickering in ribbon bar
 - Improve windows timer accuracy
 - Improve behaviour when application was moved to a different monitor with the same DPI setting
 - New empty FlowSheets won't get reused for new ones anymore
 - Ellipse now rendered as ellipse primitive in D2D
 - Save derived flowsheet in compressed form
 - Text fields with options grow with input string
 - Extended file open multi select string to 20k chars
 - Select top left cell in new table constants
 - Hover highlight with row/column headers
 - Improved Package installing / uninstalling. Embedded plugins will now be stopped uring installation process
 - Extended PackageManager.flsx to support minimum application versions
 - Remove obsolete GDI+ code
 - Improved the Context help. Even not installed packages will now apear in the search results.
 - SendEmail option in Feedback dialog is now enabled by default
 - Clean up context menu for graph editing
 - Tri graph search in help server
 - Formatting of tables in auto value watch now generates operators
 - Improve loop control placement in loops with many state input connectors
 - Increased number of splits in decision trees for ranges
 - Raster image hashing
 - Multithreading of flowsheet import
 - Lanczos3 image scaling
 - D2D rendering by removing back buffer
 - Built in typed neutral values
 - Fragmentation of small bitmaps
 - Buildformat now parallel for tables
 - Value unique ID handling and header caches
 - D2D value renderer bitmap rendering
 - Pushbutton rendering on dashboard
 - Rendering of operator graph with D2D
 - Cell formatting
 - Rendering in deep operator graphs
 - Parallelism with long running XML parsers
 - Reduce memory consumption in ICluster objects
 - Rendering of complex vector graphics
 - Operator statistics display only evaluated once on completion
 - Arithmetic with formatted numbers
 - Operator copy and change state propagation

     MD5		D81DFE2FB1D25F5C3433D81D06471118
     SHA-256	4AA2D61C30E61C8DDB9D0E08B3ACABA8540AD16D1D5F575D35984ABFB246E823

     MD5		46CCAACF54CE2F62C4948C8035BAF0DB
     SHA-256	2F138E3647FCC24080F1D6BDD0D1EB7A96D7CCCC4B09351EE16105EC70B2DACA

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2015-01-14:

  - More root certificates.

     MD5     654f68db64afdd2eb3c870b858f5681e
     SHA-256 4a0010c3359b5259f9357990930dc4525b9990a229426bde8e1b2d2ff414207c

     MD5     e1e381b6823bd576732a23d9565c223d
     SHA-256 84a81eb08cd74232fb7fb2f0408b2d81e6dee86edefcf032dec979fd5dbc900d
ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2015-01-08:

  - New Samples for Installer

  - Fixed a possible crash in the CSVImport operator
  - Gradients and alpha blending for PDF and EPS export
  - Fixed pane layout number '4'. Pane 'Auto Value Watch' is now visible by default, Pane 'Toolbox' is in front of 'Property Editor'.
  - Fixed a bug in the FlowSheet connect dialog. The imported token from the clipboard was converting into uppercase letters.
  - Completed german translation for certificates page in the options dialog
  - Optimized and sped up the PackageManager download behaviour
  - Limited the number to three for FlowSheets to be opened by drag and drop simultaneously.
  - Optimized PackageManager dialog GUI for long lasting update tasks.
  - Fixed a bug in the Package Manager. A system crash while the ANKHOR application was active could cause an inconsistency in the Package Manager's database.
  - Fixed possbile crash while editing object properties
  - Ctrl + Tab now switches between FlowSheets again
  - Prevent internal FlowSheets from being displayed in the FileSelect dialog

     MD5     937B200695AC7C8BA35C64FD60AE815F
     SHA-256 578541914435E649412E4323E28CDDC5DCC11B38F1E787EC272B6DA11165B7DD

     MD5     F8EF64A6DCF3F319D97B6C6612781DC5
     SHA-256 3AC638E1B9AAEFCDBE877E83F5500D0868BFE35669ADEFD0924055BDE39BCFD9

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2014-12-12:

  - Many new help files and samples.
  - Package Manager: Package updates can now better be identified. The button text is now bold.
  - Options dialog, page 'Certificates'.
  - New environment variable 'sheetderived'.
  - Frame window: New context menu item to open the base of a derived FlowSheet.
  - Transferring operator class into imported library, thus providing library refactoring.
  - Pane Dashboard, Auto Value Watch, Scratch Pad, Value Watch. Added new item to disable the (sometimes) unwanted value tooltip.
  - Added new pane 'FlowSheet Search'.
  - Added a means to send positive and negative feedbacks.
  - Added new main Ribbon tag 'Help'.
  - New Dashboard View.
  - Open imported Flowsheet from within pane Toolbox.
  - Remove imported Flowsheet from within pane Toolbox.
  - TLS encryption code improvements: perfect forward secrecy with Diffie-Hellman.
  - New samples for installer.
  - This release contains various improvements and bug fixes.
  - FlowSheet title wasn't updated in the pane 'Properties' and the breadcrumb after saving it with a new name.
  - Fixed possible bugs while editing object properties.

  - Changed root path for package manager components. All data will now be saved in the user's appdata directory to avoid save/delete right problems.
  - Improved floating pane handling. Panes from inactive frame windows will be hidden.
  - FlowSheet Select Dialog. Double-click on tag item now toggles the state. Same behaviour like clicking on the checkmark. A tribute to High DPI monitors.
  - New icon for the ANKHORPluginManager.
  - Sped up encryption code calculations by factors of up to 80.


     MD5     2d57726fe15dac73e508d80d0f8bab65
     SHA-256 2eb74e1e2742c02342556b72eef5d6b09df69f55e8e723f5549416819b81fb77

     MD5     ae8ba377e31f04b146a70425c3e5122f
     SHA-256 2cd15b6799099901c518a84fc7ba44d1fcbdd49471d60e43d53a5aa607bb33e2

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2014-03-27:

  - New PackageManager for subsequent installation of libraries.
  - More help files and samples.
  - New pane 'Logging'.
  - New 'Date Picker'.
  - New function in dialog 'Options', page 'FlowSheets'. Select default template.
  - Add OpenCL acceleration for matrix operators
  - Drag&Drop support from clipboard to other applications
  - Add "expand" and "expand to full window" icons to operator headers
  - Add support for opening recursive zip files
  - Support for high DPI and mixed DPI monitors
  - Add conditional formatting wizard
  - This release contains various improvements and bug fixes.

  - Library set changed in favour of library packages.
  - Improved Sort wizard
  - Improved meta data information in value tool tips

  - EULA restriction for Community Edition changed.
    The Community Edition can now freely be used in commercial environments.
  - Trial period for Professional Edition set to 60 days.  

     MD5     267e3d7f0073ba2959900867c8b86815
     SHA-256 53e5e8dd4b440373f7ae37297dc9e4ce57df22fe54f519c34d9e5bc253e9bc42

     MD5     ade9764b4b28ef5921cc36041b56d2fd
     SHA-256 afd90155ad6d9bc017a841aff3c785ba41dd7542d2c11dea8aa9d2c0251f5402

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2014-01-13:

  - Crash by search in help HTML dialog



     MD5     77364033276382FCAC8A0B9DCA9A22C2
     SHA-256 1d4aa1232c8a7d1b35e89f959bed5aae04cd48b394fad510c28794aa4988b9ca

     MD5     6f2528107d08fc4f65514c6863c2b755
     SHA-256 e816eee707761a37bc2cda337b5457bd7641f179b5561f29103ed0a350050008

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2014-01-08:

  - More help files and samples.
  - Added new function to the Ribbon toolbar. Run/Autorun FlowSheets. Can be used to halt the execution of a FlowSheet or to prevent
    the automatic execution right after loading.

  - Possible crash when using the security access dialogs.
  - Windows Tab in Open Flow Sheet Dialog shows wrong date.
  - German translation in manual activation dialog.



     MD5     2d2fb8d57f4bf368ca168b844c9f5e70
     SHA-256 dc4c4e23af4ad7cf6edf7eb18ce2e905aafb3ef3aef38dbd42773a917ac6426b

     MD5     c9615d76e59f2847af94c8d30de923f2
     SHA-256 c67d645d2803effd92a4fa8cf8bfeef81d277c6f8cb3b7220faac4d71daccb5a

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2013-10-09:

  - More help files and samples.

  - Application doesn't save the global pane options.



     MD5     AB61263178D27AD39E77BBB59499662F 
     SHA-256 a67ffe5dd43d2aff96c6df1bffe23158d18433a97435a2922cb3a2e8fb8a7849 
     MD5     F52F7DD2EDBEB0A6A4C5E97F496DD6FB 
     SHA-256 118645998756dcc004d783b0f46d09b6c5f67b3d331ca7bd9d56ddd8d73bf875

ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2013-09-24:

  - New additional panes for the help system.
  - Multiplex columns wizard in standard table library.
  - Radial charts in Dashboard Charts library.
  - Bubble chart wizard in Dashboard Charts library.
  - Optional global constant input for compile operator.
  - Sample for operator md5hash.

  - Fixed font problem in Open Dialog.



ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2013-07-18:

  - New AnkhorExecPlugin.
  - Add new gallery control to display all connected ComputeGridNodes.
  - Added new page to Open FlowSheet dialog. The user can now open FlowSheet direct from the Collaboration Server.
  - Added timelimit to 'Publish' dialog.
  - Range and position information in vector graphics input elements.
  - New page in ANKHOR Options dialog - Performance.
  - Implemented diff of flowsheet versions.
  - Sample FlowSheets for the Installer.


  - Reduce memory footprint of small compositions (box, tag, vector) by ~20%.
  - Xtreme ToolkitPro modification 07, Ensure that floated panes won't be opened outside the visible area.


ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2013-03-14:

  - Support for zip files in CSV import wizard.
  - Collapse/expand buttons in recursive tag lists, when using auto value watch.
  - New access right dialogs.
  - Installer 32bit + 64bit ANKHOR HttpServer.
  - Support for ANKHOR CloudServer.
  - Pane 'Help' is now part of the main frame.
  - RequestAccess dialog.
  - RequestAccess dialog, Advanced page.
  - Added new operator to StringSupport.flsx (lineExplode).
  - Optional "autocomplete" attribute for text input elements.
  - Optional "live" attribute for sliders to show continuous changes.
  - New option in upload dialog. 'Open browser after upload'.
  - Support for ANKHOR ComputeGrid Server.
  - New page for the FlowSheet property dialog.
  - New operator class in FileSystem.flsx library, "Scan Dir recursive".
  - Filedialog to select templates.
  - New Pane Options in Ribbonbar tab 'View'.
  - New FlowSheet selector in 'FlowSheet Connect Wizard'.
  - bz2 file decompression in file source operators.
  - Installer for ANKHOR GridComputeServer.

  - Added missing translation for text which appears on the FlowSheet's background after the user has closed all panes. The background
    color was also not updated according to the selected theme.
  - Toolbox scroller does not get far enough.
  - Ribbon toolbar buttons to control row and column visibility wasn't working properly.
  - CSV export with commas in values now correctly quoted.
  - Compress operators for datacubes and OSQL now add the sum type to column names that appear as key and value column.
  - File exceptions (e.g. "file in use") not properly handled for "Save Value As" functionality.
  - Fixed bug in BuildHTMLOperator.
  - Handling of neutral elements in dashboardcharts stacked bar wizard.
  - Access rights dialogs came up too often.
  - Layout problem with padded edit controls, date controls, multiline edit controls, in the dashboard.

  - Improve documentation of C++ Plugin interface.


ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2012-09-24:


  - Translation in property pane for state variables.



ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2012-09-13:

  - New menu item in Ribbon toolbar tab 'View' / Layouts / Save Layouts. From now on, the modifications on the layouts won't be saved
    automatically as default anymore. The user itself decides if he wants to set the current layout as default.
  - Added 'More Colors' item to all color buttons in the Design and Graphics tab. It will open a dialog to enable the user to choose a customized color.
  - New environment variable 'datasheet'. Contains the path of the actual FlowSheet.




ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2012-08-30:

  - Panes will be hidden during a print preview operation.
  - New pane Wizard Operators.
  - Added a 'Close' button in the upper right corner of the application window. Using it will close the active FlowSheet.
  - Added a help test to the FlowSheet background view. It should prevent confusion when all panes have been closed by the user.
  - Plug-in to query windows event log and parse the result into a table.
  - AnkhorPluginManager now shows the port numbers of the plugins.
  - Added menu item to open the AnkhorPluginManager.
  - AnkhorVMWarePlugin.
  - Add a new environment variable "guilocale".
  - Added context menu for Ribbon Bar button 'Share' to enable the user to copy the token to the clipboard again.
  - New activation dialog.
  - New collaboration connect dialog.
  - New sharing dialog.
  - New Upload FlowSheet dialog.
  - Implemented ANKHOR FlowSheet Workstation feature set.
  - ANKHOR FlowSheet will select an imported library in the toolbox right after the import process. If more than one library was
    imported, the first import will be selected.
  - Last selected object should be remembered. In addition to that, all expanded graphs, macros, loop etc. will be restored too.
  - Extended the pane Help with more context menu entries.
  - Pane layouts will be stored as a 'global' setup and per FlowSheet.
  - Dialog Options / page FlowSheets : New switch to enable / disable the 'Save last operator state'.
  - Dialog Options / page FlowSheets : New switch to enable / disable the 'Save pane layout'.
  - Added shortcuts for Navi commands, Full Size, Root, Go Up, Forward, Backward.
  - Extended the Find function. It's possible to use the shortcuts F3 or Shift + F3 to jump from one find result to the next / previous.
  - AssociationRules.flsx library: add set-based FPGrowth algorithm.

  - Tooltips on vector graphics objects did not display correctly.
  - Icons of FlowSheets (*.flsx and *.fldx) weren't correctly initialized after installing the product (ANKHOR FlowSheet and ANKHOR FlowSheet Player).
  - Opacity values in Ribbon go to 255%.
  - Add UI information for participants in sharing.



ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2012-04-13:

  - Extended ODBC support: new operators for executing multiple SQL statements and extracting metadata, performance improvements
  - More documentation for various macro libraries and operators
  - CSS sprites to speed up HTML rendering of many small background images.
  - Library for neural networks.
  - x-gzip encoded HTTP requests in operators.
  - Improved XML parsing by accepting more HTML type documents.
  - Optional balloon help display for operators in graph.
  - Dynamic input connectors appear now at the operator when connecting.
  - New menu item in pane 'Quick Help': Disable automatic update. Enables the user to stay on the current help page.
  - Hotkey to access "filter" in Toolbox.
  - Dropping FlowSheet on Toolbox will open it as an import.
  - SQLSupport library with several macros to easily access all kinds of meta information.
  - Add visual control for zooming.
  - Added Service Tag information to the activation and the about dialog.
  - Connected clients can be displayed when sharing a FlowSheet.

  - ODBC/SQL operators now deal with columns of unspecified length (SQL Server 2008 / native ODBC driver 10.0 compatibility).
  - Support specific date formats encountered with ODBC/SQL queries.
  - Better support for binary and varchar data types in the SQL/ODBC operators.



ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2011-12-17:

  - Support for merging flowsheet versions.
  - Postscript and EPS formatting for dashboard save and operator.
  - Layout grid library.
  - Metadata to PDF documents.
  - Library for multi page documents.
  - Documentation on tag and tag list usage.
  - Library for interactive data cube usage.
  - Data cube operators for date expansion and wizard for multi project.
  - Tooltips to HTTP output and dashboard bar diagrams.
  - Fix in HTMLRequest. Header / body processing expects seperated header, body.
  - New samples for operators SegmentColumn, SegmentRow.
  - Save and copy to clipboard of graph image.
  - Added wizards to establish the collaboration connection.
  - Publish FlowSheet dialog.
  - Quick help now serves samples from local file system.
  - Quick help now contains search functionality.

  - Selection of sub cells in object.
  - "isobject" operator compared method instead of class name.
  - Insert column for tag value now correctly expands data value and not table containing tags.
  - Application didn't open on the same monitor when it was closed in 'maximized' state.
  - Crash on right mouse button click in empty pane region.
  - Borders with size 0 in RTF renderer.
  - Theme colors weren't applied to all GUI elements.

  - Optimized memory usage of sparse tables.


ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 6/12/2011:

  - PDF as an export format.
  - Header input to spreadsheet import.
  - Operator to extract a sub table from a spreadsheet grid.

  - Position of mouse cursor in tables with merged columns/rows.
  - PDF rendering caused by numbers with exponent.
  - Selection of numeric small number items in slice wizard.
  - Spreadsheet import with long string tables.
  - Input of numeric values from SQL database with non English locale.
  - Multi page RTF and PDF export.
  - Landscape RTF and PDF export.
  - Page formatting macro.
  - Numeric format of slider tooltip now in natural non exponential form.
  - Selecting neutral or empty for a constant value or an input connector default using the property pane.
  - Inability to activate text input box in operator toolbox filter or property editor.
  - Crash in filterxml operator with duplicate filter keys.
  - HTTP request now supports proxies.
  - Proxy support for HTTP requests and registration.

  - Optimized spreadsheet import.
  - Relaxed number parsing to allow leading and trailing whitespace.
  - Improved CSV import to allow line split text source.
  - Panning in graph editor using middle mouse button.


ANKHOR_FlowSheet Version on 2011-03-18:

  - Added a 'Create New FlowSheet' button to the workspace tab.
  - Many new samples.
  - PDF export filter.
  - Add locale to CSV import and export operators.
  - Added new context menu item in graphedit dialog 'Vector'.
  - New operator EnvironmentVariable 'temppath' returns path to the user temp folder.
  - New operator EnvironmentVariable 'app' returns path to the running application.
  - New operator EnvironmentVariable 'flowhsheet' returns path to the actual flowsheet.

  - buildbitseq operator did not support string and bool inputs correctly.
  - strlen did not return empty on empty input.
  - Linear regression in case of small number of input samples.
  - Matrix multiplication with scalar values.
  - Trendlines in dashboard chards for small number of input samples.
  - No new document was present when starting from the installer.

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version on 2011-01-27:

  - "env" operator documented.

  - The application won't try to load any FlowSheets right after startup when the application crashed during the previous run.
  - Crash in 32 bit ANKHOR due to low memory when executing large macros.

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version on 2011-01-03:

  - Scroll view display for large constant values or expanded state variables in graph view.
  - Shared state variables for HTTP server.
  - Input element for downloadable values.
  - New operator for multiplexing rows.
  - Libraries for Bayes net and graphs.
  - New Ribbon bar group 'Operators' in tab 'Edit'.
  - Toolbox, added context menu item to switch between large and small icons.
  - Added Nag dialog to notify the user that the test period has expired.
  - Ctrl+Tab brings up a popup window to select a pane to switch to.
  - F6 / Shift F6 switches sequentially between all visible panes even after changing the layout.xml.
  - All ribbon bar functions can get attached to a keyboard shortcut.
  - Added shortcut support for all operators in the ribbon bar group 'Operators'.
  - Basic multitouch support in Windows 7.
  - Add Find dialog with autocompletion and history.
  - Icons for Ribbon group design, new icons for designs.
  - New group icons for Show Hide, Format Text.
  - Cacheable attribute to macro operators.
  - Modified the status bar. The actual flowsheet's path will be display as well as the program version. Both indicator panes can the hidden by right clicking on the status bar (via a popup menu).
  - New raster image scaling mode type 3 Lanczos3.
  - Reorder of sheets in cluster using drag&drop.

  - Segment row range returned invalid rows in some multi joined tables (e.g. after sort).
  - Failing to update Dashboard if value does not change (no reset of previous input).
  - Changed file write operator to write into a temporary file first, and then rename to make operation appear atomic.
  - Broken zoom level in Quick Help for some users.

  - Various optimizations to improve speed and reduce memory footprint.


ANKHOR FlowSheet Version on 2010-07-06:

  - Ribbon bar. Extended the group 'Format Text' in tab 'Edit' with new controls and a button to open the format dialog directly.
  - Scrollview input element.
  - Search text in constant values or dashboard results.
  - The installer packages will now get signed as well as all executables.
  - Enable use of tags in input elements.
  - Localization of AnkhorPluginManager, German and English.
  - Library for small dashboard charts.
  - Parallel memory allocator.
  - New format type for Dashboard edit control: folder. Allows to select a folder instead of a file.
  - Remote execution plugin allows execution of an operator or graph on a different machine.
  - Library with OLAP style data cube processing operators.
  - Chunked operation mode SQL SELECT operator
  - Inputs can now be based on vector graphic elements, similar to link input.

  - Crash when pasting value into flowsheet without focus element (e.g. after deleting operator).
  - Crash due to low memory condition when layouting large tables.
  - Fixed delete of values in wizard operators.
  - Internal dashboard file dialog didn't allow the user to select (and open) write protected files.
  - Context menu handling in dashboard with multi sheet flowsheets was broken.
  - Crash when deleting connections in flowsheet.

  - Fixed an issue with a 'not so good looking' help icon (upper right corner) when the design 'White' was selected.
  - Replaced the application icon in designs 'Scenic' and 'White' with Microsoft's Office 2010 'File' tab.
  - The status bar displays the application's feature set (Trial, Home, Professional).
  - The application's 'About' dialog was updated.
  - The link to our website was moved from the About dialog to the 'Help' menu (upper right corner).
  - Changed plugin protocol to binary format.

  - (no entries)

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version

  - Optional mime encoding input for file drain operator.
  - Implement import of binary XLS files.
  - Extended options dialog / tab Environment with a combobox to select the gui language.
  - Spreadsheet import table for office open XML.
  - MultiLang - XFolderDialog to support german resource.
  - MultiLang - Multi language support for Ankhor FlowSheet application.
  - MultiLang - ResourceENG.
  - MultiLang - ResourceDEU.
  - Datatype for complex numbers.
  - Library for polynomial evaluation and root finding.
  - Added "Deny All" and "Allow All" Buttons to security request dialogs.
  - State input / output connectors will be added to the context menu list provided from item
    'Connect To'.
  - Documentation for XML operators and XML processing.
  - Generic format strings for dates and times.
  - System query for default locale, ANKHOR starts now with the system locale, when started for the
    first time.
  - SafeMode. In case of an app crash while the app is loading the last used FlowSheets, a safemode
    flag will be set in the registry. When this flag is set, the application won't try tp load the
    last used FlowSheets during the next start again.
  - AnkhorCommandLineEvaluator now reads in the FlowSheetSecurityDatabase.
  - Implemented drag and drop files in the FlowSheet Property Dialog, tab Security.
  - Language selection for help texts in Context Help.
  - Preview of operator result in tooltips for "Combine" and "Process" context menu entries.
  - Drag and drop of operators into input connectors.
  - Context menu entry to propagate the name of a connector to all connected connectors.
  - Add meta operators to create, combine and split operators and graphs using operators.
  - MPEGEncoder flowsheet library.
  - Context menu to create a lambda invocation operator for an operator value at an output
  - Implemented chunked file source operator.

  - Application crashed when deleting environment variable.
  - Opacity processing was missing for strokes.
  - Sorting of input elements.
  - Crash when inserting a row before a single neutral element.
  - Rotating ANKHOR logo now displayed again during dashboard invoked reevaluation.
  - Transparency in gif files now converted to alpha channel.
  - Implement rectangles in raytracer and coordinate transformation.
  - Changed specular reflection term in ray tracer.
  - Added light source direction to 3D diagrams.
  - Floating panes will be moved to top position ( z-order ) to be in sync with the actual activated FlowSheet frame window.
  - Immediately update operator toolbox on language changes for operator names and help texts.
  - FlowSheetSecurityDatabase will be written after a FlowSheet save operation.
  - Enable string implode to work with multi-column tables (performing a horizontal concatenation
    similar to string explode with a head).

  - (no entries)

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version

  - Drag and drop of file names into text input cells.
  - Replace sub-string operator.
  - Copying value of tables with text now generates a unicode text in the clipboard.
  - AnkhorPluginManagerShutdown, is used to automatically shutdown the AnkhorPluginManager during installer operations.

  - Formatting numbers that caused an additional digit due to late rounding did not show this digit.
  - findrow returned wrong row indices in a multi-column search with non-sorted table.
  - buildbitseq returned invalid bitfield if source value required more bits than provided as Size.
  - Support backslash in RTF exports.
  - Problem with opening a FlowSheet via a DDE command.

  - The user registration dialog will be started with a short delay after main window is visible.

  - Updated FlowSheet samples to latest FlowSheet libraries.

ANKHOR FlowSheet Version

 - Performance improvements for GUI, 3D graphics, image processing, XML

 - Plugins: new plugins for audio capture and playback.
 - Plugins: can now be passed command line parameters.

 - New operators: triangulate polygon, string  unicode conversions.

 - New types: added "object" composition type for user-defined types with
   hidden attributes.

 - GUI: added various menu items and icons, and changed some.
 - GUI: much improved responsiveness when editing tables.
 - GUI: fixed various non-reactions to valid user inputs.
 - GUI: added sorting of constant table column via context menu.
 - GUI: added menu items for FlowSheet tab menus.
 - GUI: improved editing in Source Code Editor.
 - GUI: fixed update problems in auto value watch.
 - GUI: added context menu ability to delete several rows in one go.
 - GUI: operators imported from libraries are now marked with a "modified"
        marker triangle if the library operator was modified.

 - Saving images: can save to BMP format.
 - Saving images: GIF was upside down.
 - Pasting images: added pasting in DIBV5 format.

 - Date and Time: added format specifier "w" in date formatting for calendar

 - Colors.flsx library: Added isempty() handling for "min" and "max" inputs of
 - Added turtle graphics library.
 - 3D bar diagrams: default sizes for bars get calculated from input values.

 - FlowSheet samples: added week-based reporting in time sheet manager.
 - FlowSheet samples: added time precision and task combination to time sheet
 - FlowSheet samples: time sheet manager failed with deactivated current time
 - Flowsheet samples: updated GraphSurface (import library to get wizard).
 - Flowsheet samples: updated "Vereinsverwaltung.flsx".
 - Flowsheet samples: added "Einnahmen‹berschussRechner.flsx".

 - Fixed various crashes.
 - Fixed wrong path name for audio files.
 - Fixed date rasterization for Standard Diagram Library.
 - Fixed naming of derived flowsheets.
 - Fixed translation in build vector transform.
 - Fixed Unicode cut&paste of strings with CR-LF line ends.
 - Fixed vector bodies and decorative diagrams not working correctly with
         German locale.
 - Fixed comparing raster images.
 - Fixed return of segrow on neutral input to neutral instead of full table.
 - Fixed refresh problem when scrolling bitmaps in dashboard.
 - Fixed modified status display of derived flowsheets in title bar.
 - Fixed FlowSheet's modified status in title bar when state variable was
         changed by dashboard interaction
 - Fixed window resize, it blocked the dashboard timers and froze animations.
 - Fixed conversion of empty strings to errors, now is neutral dates or
 - Fixed not keeping two different operator class versions separate when
         reloading a flowsheet.
 - Fixed unwanted creation of unused HelpProject folder.
 - Fixed display of XML elements.
 - Fixed crash when reopening flowsheet with environment variables in the same
         cluster object.
 - Fixed occasional crash when double-clicking on a .flsx.

 - Added automated update checking.
 - Improved installation and desinstallation processes.

End of release notes.

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