ANKHOR FlowSheet 2.1 Data Workbench and new Library Packages released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Version 2.1 of our FlowSheet Data Workbench. In addition to optimizations and some bug fixes, the Version 2.1 also includes many improvements and additions that we have implemented thanks to the very positive feedback on version 2.0. Therefor we include some new and improved library packages with the new version 2.1.

Some of the many new features of ANKHOR 2.1:

  • The new contextual tab "Graph" in the Ribbon replaces the tab "Edit" in version 2.0 and is now automatically activated when modeling. New is the possibility to generate constants quickly and insert frequently common operators via drag-and-drop to the Graph Editor.

  • High-DPI support and Direct2D hardware rendering optimizations during the modeling and rendering the dashboard output.

  • Data export for tables in the Open Document Format for use with, for example, Microsoft Excel 2013 or OpenOffice. Assistant Operator for easy export in the graph editor and the dashboard.

  • New assistant operator for Heat Map charts and a new wizard operator for fast column selection and corresponding chart options.

  • Built-text editor for long strings and simplified formatting of numbers and date&time data types.

  • Improved and advanced features for data import from files and from the Web via HTTP.

New library packages:

  • Gantt Charts for Project Scheduling
    This library provides operators for dependency analysis, layout and rendering of Gantt charts. Gantt charts are used for project scheduling and show interdependent tasks on a time line.

  • Connector for Microsoft Office
    This package includes operators to directly process data from Microsoft Office applications.

  • Interactive Table Calculations
    This package provides Libraries for interactive calculations on tables in a spreadsheet like mode.

For details please check the ANKHOR FlowSheet Version Release Notes.


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