ANKHOR FlowSheet Analytics with SAP HANA™ Support available soon

ANKHOR FlowSheet Analytics is an interactive analytics tool that uses the SAP HANA™ in-memory database technology to provide almost instantaneous user feedback while graphically manipulating flexible data analytics workflows. The advanced analytic capabilities of the SAP HANA™ in-memory database provide the means for running various predictive or analytic operations local to the data and thus with maximum performance.

This unique combination finally provides business analysts with a method for creatively experimenting with big amounts of data previously not fitting into the memory of their workstations in real time. Various data processing operations representing functions of SAP HANA™ can be freely combined in data flow graphs to quickly build models, filter data or investigate complex what-if scenarios. Additional operators of ANKHOR FlowSheet Analytics can be applied to immediately visualize and verify the results. SAP HANA™ is thus transparently used as accelerator for flexible big data storage and analytic processing. The intricacies of the underlying, non-trivial programming of the necessary data base queries are concealed from the user, keeping the mind free for the actual task at hand.

The solution is rounded up by the possibility to deploy the resulting analytic workflows on ANKHOR’s application server for consumption in web browsers and on mobile devices without requiring any additional changes.

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