ANKHOR chosen to participate in the SAP Startup Focus Program promoting innovations on SAP HANA™

A few days before SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 we received the pleasant news that ANKHOR has been selected by SAP as one of the first 10 startups (and currently the only one from Germany) to participate in their new Startup Focus Program. This program was established to support startups in order to accelerate the development of new and innovative applications on SAP HANA™, SAP’s high-performance in-memory database and computing platform. We have been working on the integration of our revolutionary next generation real-time and visual analytics workbench ANKHOR FlowSheet with SAP HANA™ since early 2012 with great support by the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam. By having been chosen now to also join the SAP Startup Focus Program, ANKHOR will receive additional support from SAP for the go-to-market stage of ANKHOR FlowSheet with SAP HANA™ support.

A first step in this process was our participation at SAPPHIRE NOW 2012 in Orlando, where we were able to present our integration with HANA™ to the public for the first time:

With ANKHOR FlowSheet Analytics, analytic workflows are graphically modeled by placing and connecting wizard operators in a dataflow graph. These operators support real-time interactive and visual exploration of data from many different sources. By incorporating SAP HANA’s™ advanced analytic capabilities into the same dataflow graph, HANA™ is transparently used as accelerator for OLAP queries and predictive analytic processing on very large volumes of data not any more fitting into the memory of a standard workstation. The analyst can creatively work with data at the speed of thought as there is no need to write extensive statements in query languages like SQL or SQLScript. The graphical construction principle and the possibility to immediately inspect intermediate results provide a quick and efficient way to simulate multiple “what-if” scenarios. The storage capabilities and speed of SAP HANA™ allow for practically arbitrary scalability. Visit our guest blog on the Experience SAP HANA™ web site for additional insights and information.

The early adoption of Advanced and Next-Generation Business Data Analytics will provide your business with a significant competitive advantage. Contact us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advance information on the SAP HANA™ enabled version of ANKHOR FlowSheet and how we can help your enterprise to accelerate the creation of cost-effective solutions for your company’s critical big data analytics problems.

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