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ANKHOR periodically offers professional training for users and developers. The training course FlowSheet Starter explains the fundamentals of modelling data flow graphs, starting with data import and going up to generating Dashboards and reports. The training course FlowSheet Toolmaker addresses advanced users who would like to create their own data tools and applications for the ANKHOR FlowSheet Data Workbench. With the ANKHOR server training you will gain a detailled overview over the modular server concept and server administration and be assisted in designing your server application and data services.

If you desire a special training, we are also available for customer specific schooling at your location. Please contact us with your customized educational requirements and we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Training Dates

Training Course Date City
FlowSheet Starter March 2015 Erfurt, Germany
FlowSheet Starter May 2015 Boston, USA
FlowSheet Toolmaker June 2015 Erfurt, Germany

The precise dates will be made public begin of 2015 and online booking be activated. If you would like to be informed about the current training courses then please contact us.

FlowSheet Starter - Training

This training is an intensive program of two days, developed for beginners. Apart from elementary fundamentals you will also learn practically using all necessary features of the Data Workbench. All steps are learned by example, starting with data import, going to the many functions of data manipulation and analytical procedures and up to visualization on the interactive Dashboard and creating reports.

This training stands out due to its nuts-and-bolts workshop "bring your own data" on the second day. There we are helping you to successfully start employing the FlowSheet Data Workbench with the data you brought with you (in a data format supported by FlowSheet).


2 days
€ 1.000 per participant

1. Elementary fundamentals of the ANKHOR data flow principle
2. Modelling and data inspection
3. Data import and data integration
4. Data manipulation
5. Data Mining and analytical procedures
6. Data visualization
7. Data export and reporting

FlowSheet Toolmaker - Training

The FlowSheet Toolmaker training targets at advanced users and developers of the FlowSheet Data Workbench. Learn how to extend the functionality of your tool box without having to learn an additional scripting language. In the first part of the training we delve into the depths of the features of the integrated programming language, handling complex data types, state variables and program control.

We show you how to model wizard operators equipped with their own user interface, using the same visual paradigm. Another focus of the training is developing Dashboard applications with interactive input elements and presenting various alternatives of layout.


2 days
€ 1.000 per participant

1. Advanced data flow graphs
2. ANKL - ANKHOR functional programming language
3. State variables and complex data types
4. Program control
5. Input elements and layout in the Dashboard
6. Wizard operators and their user interface
7. Library system and creating import libraries yourself
8. Optimizing operators by compression and caching

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